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Welcome to the Year of Water

Water is everything. It is the connective tissue that sustains us, our planet, and the sensitive ecosystem on which we all depend. Furthermore, water is critical to the future of the developing world – and all of our futures. That’s why we have named 2018 the “Year of Water.” Throughout this year, we will focus on work that tackles the water issues, head-on, through thoughtful effort, great partnerships, and sustainable development that will empower us to create a better future.

What Are We Doing for Water?

In Caterpillar Foundation’s work to alleviate poverty around the world, we have seen that water is one of the most critical basic needs of people and their communities. Because water is so essential to our mission, we’ve invested in addressing various aspects of the water crisis, from strengthening the ecosystems that keep our water sources strong and healthy, to ensuring that people have access to water and have the tools to use it in a sanitary and sustainable way.

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We recognize that access to safe water and sanitation has the power to unlock potential in education, health, and business.

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We believe that nature and people can thrive on this planet together.

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When families stop worrying about water, they start building their future together.

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We believe that access to water is a right and one that we, along with our partners, are committed to helping realize for families all over the world.

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We’re focusing on the Value of Water and how collaborative efforts with partners can create a world where water access isn’t a concern.

We Believe That Together, We Are Stronger

Take a look at what we, together with our partners, DO for water.

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