WaterCredit Helps Transform The Cycle of Poverty into Opportunity
Jennifer Tisdel Schorsch

While much work remains to achieve SDG 6, universal access to sanitation and water by 2030, the biggest barrier is capital. According to World Bank estimates, SDG6 targets will require $114 billion each year – and must attract new sources of funding through a blended…

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This New Fellowship Explores How Data Drives Sustainability in Ghana
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, hosted at the United Nations Foundation, announced a week-long reporting trip to Ghana – where one-quarter of the population lives in poverty. Selected journalists will explore how data and technology are being used to drive progress and improve…

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Global Citizen and Partners Are Producing a New Series to Combat Extreme Poverty
Sustainable Brands

National Geographic and Procter & Gamble have announced ACTIVATE, a multiplatform storytelling partnership and six-part documentary series co-produced by Global Citizen and RadicalMedia. The ACTIVATE series will focus on extreme poverty, inequality and sustainability issues to mobilize global citizens to drive meaningful and lasting change….

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Opportunity International Honors Partners Empowering Women Around the World
Opportunity International

Opportunity International announced the winners of the Women and Girls Opportunity (WeGO) Awards, which seeks to highlight and honor partners who work selflessly in challenging environments to implement projects that improve livelihoods and financial opportunities of women and girls around the world. Learn More

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This Program Helps Move Families from Poverty to Prosperity
Opportunity International

Opportunity International’s LIFE (Livelihoods for the Extreme Poor) poverty graduation pilot program has proven to be a scalable, cost-effective way to support families living in the depths of poverty by providing them with hands-on support while they improve their skills and build solid, more financially…

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This Non-Profit Brings Transformative Tech to East Africa
Lorin Fries

The One Acre Fund is a non-profit social enterprise working with 600,000 farmers in East Africa. The organization’s Impact Ventures Growth Director, Ilana Kessler, speaks about scaling innovative approaches to help smallholder farmers grow their way out of poverty and hunger. Kessler discusses how mobile…

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TechnologyOne and Opportunity International Partner to Alleviate Child Poverty
Peter Dinham

Through a recent multi-million-dollar philanthropic partnership, software company TechnologyOne and Opportunity International have helped 12,000 children and their families living in poverty with a goal to reach 500,000. Through the TechnologyOne Foundation, the company is helping families break the inter-generational cycle of poverty by supporting…

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ONE and Cargill are Working Together to Amplify the Voices of Women

A new partnership between ONE and Cargill will engage world-class storytellers to share the inspiring stories of girls and women who are fighting for change in their communities. Together, One and Cargill plan to advocate for policies that will improve access to education. Empowering women…

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PepsiCo Joins Water.Org in Global Water Program
James Conca

Almost 3 billion people have gained access to clean water over the last 25 years – but current water use, population growth, and effects of climate change have caused two-thirds of the global population to experience severe water scarcity for at least one month a…

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How this South African Woman Became a Leader in Technology
Global Citizen

Soso Luningo grew up in extreme poverty in a South African village, but was bright and determined to survive her circumstances and thrive despite challenges. Through a scholarship to a university in Johannesburg and enrollment in the Cisco Networking Academy, Soso has built an impressive…

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