The Climb to Access Clean Water in Cusco, Peru

Because of the work of, and the partnerships making more possible for the communities we serve, Yolanda who lives in the city of Cusco, will soon connect to her local utility water line to bring water into her home. Learn More

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Safe Water Access During Pregnancy in Ethiopia

A survey found that women living in rural villages in Ethiopia walk more than three hours a day to collect water, often from shallow wells or unprotected ponds they share with animals. initiative WaterCredit brings small, easily repayable loans to people who need…

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Charity: Water’s Goals for the Future
David Hessekiel

Charity: Water has written an amazing story of accomplishment since it sprang from the mind of founder Scott Harrison in 2006: $375 million raised and access to clean water provided to nearly 10 million people since then. Now, they plan to put a greater focus…

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The Importance of Access to Safe Water and Toilets in Schools

Headmistress of Abusha Day School, Haliimah, explains how access to safe water and toilets is paving the way for 220 three to six-year-old children in rural Bombo, Uganda. By participating in’s microfinance program, the school was able to budget for toilets, water taps and…

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Founders of Build out New Organization
Beckie Strum

Matt Damon and Gary White have built out from their original nonprofit,, a new organization called WaterEquity, which bills itself as the first-ever impact-investment manager exclusively focused on ending the global water crisis. This month, WaterEquity officially closes a US$50 million flagship fund, which…

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