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Ntombi Mbinda_CapeTown
Why This Super Woman Grows Super Foods for Her Community
Megan Gieske

The townships surrounding Cape Town, South Africa, can be described as a “food desert,” where fresh fruit and vegetables are not available. Where concrete has now paved over any gardens or green spaces, except for one in Gugulethu. Ntombi Mbinda, the force behind the garden, invites students to learn tending, best practices for nutrition, and empowers them to invest in their community.“If you eat healthy, you can make a difference,” she says, “and I really know I’m making a difference. I know what I’m doing helps people.”

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Mali’s Government Has Pledged to Empower Women in Agriculture
Oulie Keita

Mali’s food security has been rocked in recent years by recurring disasters, including erratic rainfall, drought, and a military coup that triggered a political and security crisis. ONE joined forces with a group of Civil Society Organisations to tackle the lack of gender parity in agriculture and campaigned for the Land Tenure Bill to be passed into law. During these meetings, the Malian government pledged to fund and transform agriculture adequately and to empower women in agriculture.

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Sign the petition to call on world leaders
Children Are Starving And They Need Your Help
Global Citizen

In particular, 1.4 million children are suffering from severe malnutrition and are at risk of dying if we don’t act now. These children desperately need medical attention, food and clean water – and are also in need of a safe place to call home. UN agencies and their partners are trying to respond the best they can, but they need additional funds to to do so.Sign the petition to call on world leaders to urgently pledge enough money to stop and prevent the famine.

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Harold Veteran Help
How You Can Help Veterans Struggling with Hunger
Allison Weber

Sadly, many military personnel face hunger as they struggle to negotiate the complex stages of military life — from deployment to returning home to life as a veteran. You can help veterans receive the meals and hope they need to reach for a better tomorrow. This month, and all year round, join us in supporting veterans by taking simple actions.

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Q&A: How We Get Milk to Kids in Need
Brooke Still

For growing kids, milk packs a punch — providing essential nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamin D. But for the 22 million children who may lose access to school meals during the summer months, they’re likely not getting regular access to the nine essential nutrients that milk provides and that can help support summer growth spurts. The Great American Milk Drive answers that need. Since 2014, it has provided more than 1 million gallons of milk to Feeding America food banks across the country.

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Red Cross Steps up to Provide Food and Water in East Africa

Inconsistent rainfall, extreme heat, flooding, and low crop yields have led to severe food insecurity for more than 20 million people in east Africa. In response, the American Red Cross has contributed $650,000 to help people struggling to feed their families in two countries, Kenya and South Sudan. The financial contribution is aiding local Red Cross teams in their efforts to save lives.

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Jonathan and his wife, Michelle, live in Oneida, Kentucky.
Why this Kentucky Teacher Supports Aid
Samantha Urban

So with all the focus on foreign aid’s place in the upcoming US budget, it’s good to take a step back. How, after all, has foreign aid gotten to the point it’s currently at?

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hunger in america
“Summer Hunger Ends Here”
Hunger In America

Millions of people are still struggling to get by because of underemployment, stagnant wages and rising costs of living. In fact, more than 46 million people still turn to the Feeding America network each year for extra support.

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