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Drowning Out Poverty
Michele L. Sullivan

For most of us, water is such a fundamental part of each day that we don’t often stop to contemplate its importance. We rely on it for our health, to prepare our food, and to clean our homes. Clean water is so vital that without…

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Cape Town Isn’t South Africa’s Only City With Water Problems
Global Citizen

With Cape Town on the verge of becoming the world’s first major metropolis to run out of water, international attention has turned to the city’s efforts to prevent Day Zero. But throughout South Africa, several other major cities are also at risk of running dry due to years of drought, inadequate infrastructure, and excessive water use, according to reports by researchers and municipal water departments.

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Coffee and Clean Water: The World’s Strongest Relationship
charity: water

Coffee and clean water are the ultimate power couple. Together, they keep the world running. After all, coffee is 98% water! Our coffee partners know this, which is why they not only believe in crafting delicious brews, but also believe in a world where everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. A world where more kids can attend school and build a better future.

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Opportunity Starts With Safe Water – Donate Today?

One of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is affordable financing. We address this barrier head-on through access to small, easily repayable loans. Every repaid loan creates a new opportunity for another family.

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Refills For Everyone

At Shramik Shanti School, the situation wasn’t much different. Groundskeepers were assigned the responsibility of collecting water from the same nearby water source. Dedicated women like Asha walked back and forth up to 30 times each day, collecting one jug at a time so they could give water to the students. They had no other option.

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Recovery Begins After Hurricane Irma
Red Cross

Weeks after Hurricane Irma devastated parts of Florida as a Category Four storm, communities are beginning to recover and the American Red Cross is shifting focus to support these longer-term efforts. The Red Cross is working with a large team of partners to help residents move through the recovery process by connecting them to critical services and resources they need to get back on their feet.

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Investing in Their Home, Health, and Future

Lelita and her brother, John, share their childhood home outside of Chiclayo. Years ago, before their parents passed, the two committed to their mother and father that they would keep the home in the family. Though it is a simple concrete, dirt-floor dwelling, they promised to give future generations the best lives possible, in the house their parents built.

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Norway Nobel Peace Prize
10 Past Nobel Peace Prize Winners You Should Know
Daniele Selby

The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work” to facilitate international cooperation, reduce conflict, and promote international peace, will be announced on Oct. 6. Among this year’s favorites to win are Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and the group of volunteer humanitarian responders in Syria known as The White Helmets, Time reports. In anticipation of Friday’s big reveal, Global Citizen took a retrospective view of past Nobel Peace Prize winners and their accomplishments.

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