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Inditex and Team Up to Help Farmers Access Clean Water and Inditex, a global fashion company, partnered together to create a program geared towards helping cotton farmers access clean water and sanitation facilities. Through this program, more than $420,000 will be used to provide small, affordable loans to over 4,000 organic cotton farmers in…

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The Climb to Access Clean Water in Cusco, Peru

Because of the work of, and the partnerships making more possible for the communities we serve, Yolanda who lives in the city of Cusco, will soon connect to her local utility water line to bring water into her home. Learn More

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Drowning Out Poverty
Michele L. Sullivan

For most of us, water is such a fundamental part of each day that we don’t often stop to contemplate its importance. We rely on it for our health, to prepare our food, and to clean our homes. Clean water is so vital that without…

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Cape Town Isn’t South Africa’s Only City With Water Problems
Global Citizen

With Cape Town on the verge of becoming the world’s first major metropolis to run out of water, international attention has turned to the city’s efforts to prevent Day Zero. But throughout South Africa, several other major cities are also at risk of running dry due to years of drought, inadequate infrastructure, and excessive water use, according to reports by researchers and municipal water departments.

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