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Paving the Way for Opportunity – Spring 2018 Global Report
Opportunity International

This past year, Opportunity International has worked with individuals around the world by providing investing training sessions so they can learn to provide for their futures and families. The full global report includes an expansive outline of total financial findings, educational service development and more….

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Widespread Global Challenges May Be More Interconnected Than You Think
United Nations Foundation

While we often look at vast global issues such as health, conflict, environment and finance as challenges to be tackled separately, perhaps a more holistic understanding should be considered. The United Nations Foundation has crafted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with efforts to fill gaps across…

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Agricultural Entrepreneurs Help to Rebuild the Island of Leyte
Red Cross

Thanks to generous donations received, the Red Cross has been able to help victims far past the emergency phase to build back a safer community. On the island of Leyte in the Philippines, entrepreneur Adelina has rebuilt her farm from the last powerful typhoon, and…

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MacGyver Meets Water
Nature Conservancy

Springs have different ecological needs. Hydrologists Zach Freed and Hank Johnson have designed experimental retrofits to restore springs in the quest to save and reuse water. Learn More

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Fresh Drinking Water Is Unevenly Distributed Throughout The Globe
Global Citizen

Only 2.5 percent of the world’s water is fresh, drinkable water. Many countries rely almost completely on importing bottled water but with the improving technology that cleans water, sharing this technology will help to evenly distribute the water ‘wealth’ throughout the world. Learn More

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