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Texas-based Startup Raises $1 Million to Fund Water Projects
Kyle Wiggers

Austin, Texas-based startup Pani aims to shed light on our habitual overconsumption of water, with a long-term vision to fund the distribution of drinkable water to communities in need. The company has raised $1 million led by Blake Chandlee, former vice president of global partnerships…

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Monumental Commitments Will Be Made At The Global Climate Action Summit
Priya Shukla

This week, California Governor Jerry Brown will convene the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco, California. This conference brings together environmental leaders from countries, states, cities, and companies committed to reducing actions that contribute to global climate change. Plenary and breakout sessions, affiliate…

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WaterCredit Empowers a Family in Indonesia

In Jakarta, Indonesia, 27 million people lack access to safe water. Jakarta native Nureni is a businessowner, wife, and mother who now enjoys access to a water tap in her kitchen financed through’s WaterCredit program. Nureni cooks and sells food out of her home…

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TechnologyOne and Opportunity International Partner to Alleviate Child Poverty
Peter Dinham

Through a recent multi-million-dollar philanthropic partnership, software company TechnologyOne and Opportunity International have helped 12,000 children and their families living in poverty with a goal to reach 500,000. Through the TechnologyOne Foundation, the company is helping families break the inter-generational cycle of poverty by supporting…

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New Global Education Model Encourages Children to Play
Global Citizen

Dina Buchbinder and Yizreel Urquijo from Mexico have founded an organization called Education for Sharing, with dreams to disrupt the traditional education system to foster global leadership for young students. The program emphasizes a collaborative, open-ended approach to learning that highlights the Sustainable Development Goals….

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Women’s Voices Are At the Forefront of Change This Year
United Way

This past week, Women’s Equality Day honored the passage of the 19th Amendment that  granted American women the legal right to vote, but also reminded us of our accountability to the present. Women are the leading the changes they want to see in their schools,…

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Opportunity International Expands Quality Education to Bogotá
Opportunity International

Grace, a native of Bogotá, Columbia, dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was a young girl. In Columbia, 90% of children are only enrolled in school between the ages of 7 and 13. Understanding the immense need for childcare when parents are at work,…

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Investors are Making World Water Issues a Priority
Mindy Lubber

From agriculture and mining to energy and entertainment, every business in the world relies on water. As population growth, water pollution and hotter, more volatile water events strain the world’s freshwater supplies, companies and investors are paying more attention to water risks. More than 100…

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