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A Global Partnership Approach to Driving Sustainable Development 
James Murray

The final Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17) ends with a commitment to ‘strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.’ This goal most clearly focuses on traditional development issues by pulling together a host of targets covering long-running concerns such…

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Why STEM Learning is Essential for Empowering Girls
United Nations Foundation

Jobs in science and technology are some of the fastest-growing worldwide, and innovations in this field will be crucial for tackling global challenges. Yet half of the world’s population still face profound gaps in access to education and employment, especially in the fields of science,…

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This Non-Profit Brings Transformative Tech to East Africa
Lorin Fries

The One Acre Fund is a non-profit social enterprise working with 600,000 farmers in East Africa. The organization’s Impact Ventures Growth Director, Ilana Kessler, speaks about scaling innovative approaches to help smallholder farmers grow their way out of poverty and hunger. Kessler discusses how mobile…

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Development and Conservation – The Road to a More Sustainable Future
Nature Conservancy

Louisville, Kentucky has recently become home to a first-of-its-kind collaboration between environmentalists, city leaders, and public health professionals. The Green Heart Project will plant trees neighborhoods throughout the city and monitor how they affect residents’ health, and serves as an emerging model for cross-sector collaboration…

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Michelle Obama Takes Action to Support Worldwide Girls Education

On International Day of the Girl, former first lady Michelle Obama launched the Global Girls Alliance, a program that seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education. Through her passion for the issue, Michelle Obama aims to drive global attention, awareness and action…

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This Company Helps the Tech Industry Build Water Resilience
Emilio Tenuta

Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies, is developing a cloud-based water management platform that will help keep digital data centers running in the face of upcoming water scarcity. Ecolab works with customers around the world to reduce, reuse and recycle water…

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20 Notable Women Inspiring Young Leaders Around the World
Andy Robertson

In honor of International Day of the Girl this week, Disney released inspiration and advice for aspiring young leaders from 20 women in tech, entertainment, medicine, law and more. Disney’s Dream Big Princess series consists of interview videos produced and directed by young women from…

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How Clean Water Access Helped This Woman Build a Business

Rose, a Ugandan local, spent most of her teen years as the family water bearer, and then married with two small children. She created a small business of selling charcoal to build a new life for herself, but lacked a toilet or running water for…

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WaterCredit Helps To Break Cycle of Poverty in Ethiopia

Through’s partner bank in Boditi, Ethiopia, locals Birtukan and Adisu were able to receive a loan to construct a water tap in their home. After having their water connection for only four months, Adisu does not have to wake up early to get water,…

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How Sustainable Chocolate Production Helps Women Thrive

Seventy percent of the world’s chocolate comes from West Africa. The Cargill Cocoa Promise is one initiative that works with farming communities to make cocoa production more sustainable and help farmers thrive. ONE and Cargill are partnering together in the global fight for gender equality,…

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