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$75 Million For Jobs, Homes & Business in Detroit
Sherri Welch

Detroit LISC announced that it will double its investment in the city’s neighborhoods over the next three years to finance affordable homes, businesses and living-wage jobs. An article in Crain’s lays out the details of the plan, which is expected to leverage another $225 million in development, and expand investment into 10 new neighborhoods.

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Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Work

Together with dozens of community partners, United Way of Southwest Virginia is addressing the problems facing tomorrow’s workforce through initiatives spanning from cradle to career, creating opportunities for youth who are ready to enter and advance in the region’s workforce.

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Norway Nobel Peace Prize
10 Past Nobel Peace Prize Winners You Should Know
Daniele Selby

The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work” to facilitate international cooperation, reduce conflict, and promote international peace, will be announced on Oct. 6. Among this year’s favorites to win are Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and the group of volunteer humanitarian responders in Syria known as The White Helmets, Time reports. In anticipation of Friday’s big reveal, Global Citizen took a retrospective view of past Nobel Peace Prize winners and their accomplishments.

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How one man is connecting Kakuma refugee camp to the rest of the world

When Innocent fled his native Democratic Republic of the Congo and arrived in the Kakuma refugee camp in 2009, he felt as if he couldn’t have been any further from the rest of the world. “There is no university in Kakuma, but the internet gave us a virtual campus and we were able to further our education,” says Innocent, who was awarded a diploma in liberal arts with a major in business. Inspired by his love of art, Innocent created a website to connect artists in Kakuma to the outside world: “I know so many talented artists, but they used to be desperate because they couldn’t make a living off their art.” Through Innocent’s website, Kakuma’s refugee artists are able to showcase their creations and sell them online, giving them access to a whole world beyond the camp.

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What a Farmers Market Can Do
Jason Margolis

For all their liveliness and colorful abundance, there’s much more to farmers markets than meets the eye. They create access to affordable, fresh, locally-grown food, and provide important public gathering space. They also help restore a crucial link between rural and urban America, promote the health of the environment, and stimulate small business and local economies. Farmers markets create 13 full-time jobs for every $1 million of revenue.

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Hayfa Ben Fraj
Tunisia’s Fresh Female Face of Entrepreneurship

Ever since gaining a Master’s in Applied Languages in Economics and Business in 2007, Hayfa Ben Fraj has wanted to start her own business. At the end of 2014 Ben Fraj resigned, leaving her stable position as a sales manager, and four months later launched Go Market, a company specializing in finding new markets, products, services, customers, and suppliers.Go Market wants to contribute to the development of the Kairouan region through market research, marketing strategies, and new markets it opens up to entrepreneurs in a wide range of sectors and diverse fields such as technology, crafts, and agriculture.The project is already gaining moment. Go Market won Tunisia’s Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability award in 2016 and recently gained a contract to support 17 entrepreneurs in the area of crafts, industry, and services.

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Careers and the DisABLED Magazine Award
Careers and the DisABLED Magazine Award
Careers and the DisABLED

Michelle Sullivan is the director of social innovation at Caterpillar, Inc., as well as the president of the Caterpillar Foundation. She is the first woman to be president of the Caterpillar Foundation.

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Reflections On International Women’s Day
Reflections On International Women’s Day
Michele Sullivan and Vicki Escarra

Across every sector—private,public and nonprofit — women have demonstrated leadership: the power to create a vision and accomplish it by making difficult decisions.

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The Birth of an Idea
Michele Sullivan

This is the story of a woman. A woman I will call Mary. I met Mary in Tanzania last year, and she told me a story of change. Mary’s story is not unique. Across the globe, there are more than 1.2 billion people who live on less than 2 dollars a day.

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