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New Tech Partnership to Help Solve Global Conservation Challenges
The Nature Conservancy

A new partnership between The Nature Conservancy and the Techstars global network saw Ten tech startups converge not only to secure funding for a new business idea, but to try—each in their own way—to save the world. The meeting is a first-of-its-kind mashup between the…

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Entrepreneurial Spirit Thrives in Canaan, Haiti
Red Cross

Ferdinand Estinord has a track record of thinking outside the box. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake laid devastation to Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, he decided to move his family somewhere new: Canaan—a previously uninhabited stretch of land about an hour’s drive from the capital city.

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International Day of Women and Girls in Science
The Nature Conservancy

Whether using cutting-edge scientific approaches to protect global fisheries, developing new tools to understand healthy soils, studying the impact of climate change on watersheds, collecting carbon data in forests, or producing new research for a more sustainable development, The Conservancy’s women scientists bring forward innovative approaches to conservation.

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The Women Leading This Kenyan Environmental Group Are Thriving Where Men Failed
Global Citizen

When Maridah Khalawa started the Muliru Farmers Conservation Group almost a decade ago, she knew she wanted to find a way for herself and other women living near Kakamega forest in western Kenya to generate an income without exploiting the area’s already strained resources. What she couldn’t have known was that their small community business would grow to help support hundreds of families, win international recognition and prove more successful than many of the men’s groups trying to do something similar.

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In Flint, an Avenue Leading to Safety Photos by Annie O’Neill
Annie O'Neill

For decades, the residents of Flint, Michigan have endured high rates of crime alongside devastating unemployment, depopulation and blight—and recently, a severe water crisis on top of that. But the energy and commitment of neighbors, business people and key anchor institutions are transforming the historic University Avenue corridor.

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$75 Million For Jobs, Homes & Business in Detroit
Sherri Welch

Detroit LISC announced that it will double its investment in the city’s neighborhoods over the next three years to finance affordable homes, businesses and living-wage jobs. An article in Crain’s lays out the details of the plan, which is expected to leverage another $225 million in development, and expand investment into 10 new neighborhoods.

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Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Work

Together with dozens of community partners, United Way of Southwest Virginia is addressing the problems facing tomorrow’s workforce through initiatives spanning from cradle to career, creating opportunities for youth who are ready to enter and advance in the region’s workforce.

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